Manchester Music Map

Manchester Music Map is an interactive, touch-enabled mapping site with embedded YouTube videos. The site allows users to upload videos of classic Manchester gigs from the era of 1976 to 1996. Funded by The University of Manchester’s UMI3 Social Enterprise Competition, the online atlas is the brainchild of Kate Campbell-Payne.

The Brief

I was brought in as lead visual designer for the development team and worked on the design and build of the front-end user interface, which had to work across multiple device platforms and screen sizes.

The Solution

The final visual designs turned the entire browser window into an interactive map, with content displayed in map markers or as fly-out panels. I produced the user interface views as flat html/css mockups which utilised jQuery & backbone.js. The back-end was powered by geo-Django and built by

What I did

  • Responsive Design
  • Web Design

Laptop view of Manchester Music Map

Tablet view of Manchester Music MapMobile view of Manchester Music Map


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