MAN V FAT Football

MAN v FAT Football is for men everywhere who love football and who want to lose weight. During the leagues MAN v FAT supports members to lose weight and each week as well as playing a 30-minute football match, members also weigh in before the game. Teams earn bonus goals from the weigh-in results which are added to the score on the football pitch. Uniquely, MAN v FAT Football rewards players not just for winning games but for losing weight.

The brief

With version one of MAN v FAT Football up and running, having already worked closely with MAN v FAT on their main website – – I was brought onboard to help refine and improve the overall user experience on the MAN v FAT Football home and league pages. With a high proportion of registrations coming from small screen devices, a mobile-first approach was needed.

The solution

Better use of space on the page, bringing important elements into better focus, coupled with improved typography and iconography creates a much improved user experience across all device sizes.

Screenshots: MVF league page

What I did

  • Responsive Design
  • UX
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

For years I have been shamelessly coasting off the amazing work that John does and simply gnomically smiling when people say how great our websites look and work. This testimonial is my way of saying sorry to John for every time I took the compliment for myself rather than saying, "It was all John Ossoway's work." Sorry John.

Andrew Shanahan - Director, Man V Fat


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