Cthulhu Rising - resources

In the absence of the Cthulhu Rising website I have tried to compile a list here of all the downloads from that website. If I have missed anything, please do get in touch and I will see if I can find it.

Please feel free to download all the below files for personal use, but play nice - no selling it or publishing elsewhere or such without asking, even for free! :-)

Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity was originally published in the MULA Monograph Jovian Nightmares. The handouts below supplement the adventure.

The Ganymede Job

This adventure is a prequel to Escape Velocity, though works fine as a stand-alone adventure too.

Spaced Marines

Spaced Marines was a campaign I ran for my own regular gaming group prior to the release of the original Cthulhu Rising MULA Monograph. The Investigators are a bunch of space marines, confronting the mythos with big guns, which more often than not prove ineffectual!

Note - there is an unfinished sixth adventure in this campaign 'Fallen Angel'. My group never played this as most of the party died in the previous adventure 'Tenants of Hell' and after that the campaign sort of fizzled out and we started the Myth(os) Busters campaign.

Myth(os) Busters

After Spaced Marines I also ran a more 'traditional' style investigative Call of Cthulhu campaign set in the Cthulhu Rising future. Myth(os) Busters ended abruptly after only four adventures, with all but one of the Investigators framed for crimes they didn't commit and in prison by the end of the fourth adventure 'Sins of the Flesh'.

One-shot adventures

These adventures are designed to be used as one-shot, convention style games. I have ran all of them at various UK conventions over the years.